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Transformation of a Church


We are Spirit United Interfaith Church

RESIZE 25 Percent

MISSION STATEMENT: To advance personal spiritual transformation and the evolution of planetary consciousness.

Transformation allows us to build on what makes us stronger as individuals and as a community. Transformation can be difficult, eye opening and painful. We as a community have been through many changes and have overcome many obstacles to grow into what we are called to do and become. The biggest obstacle was to reclaim ourselves as an interfaith church. The word church has a painful history for many and yet the word means “One Who is Called.” 

Are we not all being called to co-create a kinder more loving world? 

It has been a long arduous journey for Spirit United. Many may remember us in our location on Como Avenue in Minneapolis. Two years ago we were a community on the verge of closure. After many community meetings it was clear to leadership that Spirit United was a safe haven for many. Leadership came together and made the decision not to close the doors. It took great faith and trust to figure out how we move forward from there. Once that decision was made, a meeting was set up with Rev. Jan Skogstrom, the original co-creator of Spirit United. She was given the choice to keep it open or close Spirit United for good. After the blessing from spirit came through her in that meeting… Spirit United Interfaith Church was reborn. We left the location that we were at on Lexington Avenue in St. Paul and moved to a tent in the backyard of one of the ministers in September of 2018. As a community we began healing around language. We used words like God, Jesus and Church knowing that it would trigger emotion. Words have power when we give it to them. Fear of a word only makes it stronger. We talked openly as a community about what these words mean and how to soften their power. 


We replaced salaries with stipends and honorariums. In November 2018 a new minister was named. Rev. Pamela Marko became the new head minister on Nov. 11, 2018 which was also the day of our first service at the Harriet Alexander Nature Center. It’s a beautiful space in Roseville in the middle of the woods. From there we have stabilized ourselves financially. We have been able to provide powerful services with many different leaders and teachers. 


A small sample of our guest presenters, on the first Sunday of each month: Tom Bezek who shares Shin Rin Yo Ku (forest bathing). Stephanie McGovern shares beautiful original poetry, with music, images and opportunities for movement. Gina Kingsley Miranda, a Mayan Calendar Keeper and teacher. James Schattauer, musician who brings original music and inspiration. Cornelia Elsaesser, Founder and Healer at Holistic Gateway.


Rev. Pamela Marko, teacher, healer and reader, shares healing words of wisdom every second and fourth Sunday of the month. Drake Powe, experienced meditation leader calms and leads deep relaxation the third Sunday of the month. Adam Wolter, Astrologer, Musician and Universal Dances of Peace leader, shares every fifth Sunday of the month.


Due to the global pandemic, Spirit United again transformed. We now hold some classes and all interactive Sunday services on Zoom every week. We will continue through and after the pandemic on Zoom. We are holding Sunday services with limited in-person reserved seating at Holistic Gateway. To attend in person, COVID safety precautions must be followed, masks worn, and reservations must be made in advance by emailing 


Spirit United Interfaith Church has reclaimed itself and opened a door to self-discovery through its guiding principles, co-created in 1999 by Rev. Jan Skogstrom and a group of women and families. 



At Spirit United:


  • We emphasize the unity of the spirit—one God in all.

  • We affirm the unifying principles of all faiths and spiritual paths; the beauty, value and significance of interfaith truths.

  • We affirm the principles of love-wisdom; the balance of divine masculine-feminine as the anchor point of our spirituality. 

  • We honor Ancient Spirituality—the experience of God within—as has been illuminated through such traditions as Buddhism, Christianity, Kabbalah, Indigenous Wisdom and Sufism.

  • We honor Ageless Wisdom—the teachings of the Great Ones through the ages.

  • We honor the richness of diversity among us in its many forms.

  • We provide guideposts rather than specific rules, and affirm individual conscience—the truth found in our own hearts—above dogma.

  • We affirm our role as partners with God/Goddess/All that is, expecting greater spiritual maturity of ourselves as we evolve.

  • We honor our planet as a sentient being with whom we are in an interdependent relationship.

  • We recognize and support humanity’s participation, along with all Kingdoms, in an evolutionary process toward higher consciousness, synthesis and unity.

  • We affirm our role as world servers by supporting each individual’s path of spiritual awakening.


If these guiding principles call to you… We welcome you to join us for a Sunday Service at 10:30 am via Zoom. Our website has the Zoom info on the home page. Please register for our e-newsletter on the website contact page to get weekly updates, Zoom links, upcoming speakers and events.   Phone: 612-378-3602

Email for limited reserved seating at 

Holistic Gateway, 11 Little Canada Road, Little Canada MN 55117


EW VOL 1, 2021

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