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Sacro Wedgy® device alleviates back, knee, hip pain

By Cindy Littlefield

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First let me give you some background. I’m 74 and yes, still working and loving my “work”. They say if you enjoy what you do it’s not considered work and I do enjoy every day. Have I ever been to a professional for back problems? No, and I have had an occasional bout with back issues. Have I ever been to a professional for sciatica? No, and I’ve had a couple of bouts with sciatica – one was really a doozie – it took me to my knees with pain! Have I ever been to a professional with neck pain, knee pain, hip pain or any other muscle related pain? No, and I’ve had issues with all the above and this is where my background plays a part in my well-being.

What I practice is using the device invented by my father. He was a retired football coach and back in the late 1950s was shown a technique by an osteopath friend of his. He started having some hip or sciatic pain after refereeing a football game. The D.O. friend simply put him on a table and held his sacrum for a while and the relief he got was fascinating. My dad was also a science teacher and athletic trainer, so he had a good background of anatomy and started using that sacral hold on most all of his football players and consistently got amazing results of relief. He did this for many years and even had some graduates track him down to do that technique again. One of the graduates asked if he would please try to help his wife using what helped him so many times and that’s when he decided there needs to be a product to mimic his hand to isolate the sacrum.

After about 10 years of reviewing hundreds of x-rays, cutting foam to try to create a product to mimic his hand he finally had a version of the female and male sacrum shape. Well, back then it was not easy to find a company to create this unusual mold and he finally got an OK from another family business in Texas and they agreed to build a two-cavity mold and to this day they are the company that still produces what we call the Sacro Wedgy®.

This is where I need to explain how I personally use this unique device and how easy it is to incorporate the techniques developed over many years of use and how knowledge from a wide variety of professionals have been a part of creating “self-care and prevention.”

My first “take me to my knees” experience was somewhat planned. Yes, I let myself get full blown sciatica just to see how it felt. At the time I was working for a mail service, which is where I learned a lot about printing and advertising. At the time I was working on a big print job moving stacks of paper and because of my movement from printer to table I could feel a sharp stabbing hip pain. I could have gotten on the Sacro Wedgy® and stopped the progress easily but noooo – I was too curious. Well, now I have a great appreciation for the pain and until you can’t walk, can’t stand up straight, can’t put a heel down among other painful moves, the pain is truly unimaginable! I started relaxing on the Sacro Wedgy® with a neck support that Friday afternoon and was over it Monday and except for a little soreness was pain free. Remember, I was already used to using this system so I knew placement and how to relax through some discomfort as muscle may resist and fight just a little. And that leads to what everyone should be doing! It’s so much easier to prevent than to treat. The best time to learn how to use this is when you are pain free so you can keep it that way!

A perfect example came to me just today from a therapist asking my permission to mention the Sacro Wedgy® for her YouTube presentation for her business. The following is from Andria Seymour of Main Body Works in Osawatomie, Kansas. “I own a family run wellness clinic and we use and sell the Sacro Wedgy® to our clients all the time. I have been using mine for almost 15 years. I feel it is one of the tools that guaranteed my healing and ability to walk again, along with the Myofascial Release therapy we provide, after a very severe injury from a head on car accident.” Isn’t that awesome?


We never get tired of the endless stories of success from all walks of life. The original intent of the Sacro Wedgy® was self care but now many professionals have incorporated this into their practice and recommend that their clients/patients use this at home between visits and of course for self-care. I even teach classes now along with Mathew and Nicole Howe of Touch Education in Cincinnati, OH. Matt is a skilled teacher specializing in PTSD trauma and the class we teach together is quite unique with his “cranio” session in the morning and me teaching the afternoon “sacral” session.

For more information please visit or call my Mobile, AL based office at 1-800-737-9295. I truly believe everyone can be helped.

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