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Enlightened Hypnotherapy & Guidance L.L.C 

Jennifer Matteo-Holtz, C.Ht. 

42062 County Road 1,

Rice Minnesota 56367




Board Certified Hypnotherapist, N.L.P, Specialist, Certified Tarot Intuitive Guide. Spirit Channeling & Transpersonal Hypnotherapy; Uniting the Body, Mind & Spirit into Cohesiveness. Guiding you into holism for powerful transformation & long lasting results. Enabling your higher self—the subconscious soul—to prevail in balance, liberation, and growth for a greater sense of who you truly are! In private practice 20 years. Offering: Transpersonal Hypnotherapy, Tarot Intuitive Guidance, Spirit Channeling. “Jennifer completely changed my life forever. Thanks be to God!" —Karen, St. Cloud, MN

YourLifeCore LLC

Laurie Wondra

Twin Cities, MN




Shaman, psychic medium, conduit of energy, offers private appointments, group events, retreats and classes. Public speaker and author, frequent guest on WCCO Radio, Laurie communicates with angels, ascended masters, universal energies, pets and loved ones to provide insight on past lives or current life. She adjusts and works within the energy grids to ignite the potential in your energy field.

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