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Kathleen Kalil: Psychic/Medium, Teacher



Readings, with information from your being and your guides assist you in moving into new areas by breaking up old patterns of behavior. Readings and classes allow you to access more of who you are, improve grounding and balance, enhance your connections, and increase energy.

Classes promote personal awareness and growth, consisting of lectures and exercises encouraging psychic, energetic, and spiritual development.

Space Clearing/Ghostbusting bring healing and peace to you, your space, trapped souls, and the Earth.

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YourLifeCore LLC

Laurie Wondra

Twin Cities, MN


Shamanic practitioner, psychic medium, conduit of energy, offers private appointments, group events, retreats and classes. Public speaker, author and Podcaster, Laurie communicates with angels, ascended masters, universal energies, pets, your guides and loved ones to provide insight on past lives or current life. 

She works within the energy grids to release the past and ignite the potential in your energy fields. She offers individual and group Sound Healing events, drumming and channeling/energy healing galleries. Sign up for her monthly newsletter on her website.

Podcast :


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