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Why Being Psychic Can Be Hard To Talk About

By Chanda Parkinson

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We all have psychic abilities. Everyone receives psychic information differently. Opening to the ways in which you personally receive can be one of the most gratifying avenues of exploration on your own spiritual journey.


It can be so challenging at times to speak openly about our psychic gifts. I want to discuss with you why this is so, and to offering guidance and tips around speaking more openly about your own experiences with those who are close to you. It is so important that we begin fostering and modeling attitudes of deep acceptance for all spirit-based practices and religions, not just some.


Beginning as early as 60 AD, the Roman Empire began suppressing pagan religions and traditions, which were largely rooted in the gifts of the spirit, spirit communication, natural psychic or prophetic abilities, honoring the rhythms of nature, moon cycles, and worshipping nature deities. The singular goal was control. The more control the Roman Empire had, the more power it gave them to dictate how and where people would live, and how much land they could own and how much money they could earn and spend. 


Over time, those in power used the Christian church to gain power over people, further blurring the lines between the political ruling bodies and God. A puritanical atmosphere was established over time vilifying pagan practices, the gifts of spirit, sex for pleasure, and reducing women to child-bearing, child-rearing members of society. It became common practice to punish people who were not conforming properly by imprisonment and death. Long held practices were forbidden. They were either hidden or abandoned by those who practiced. 


You likely have ancestors whose practices at one time were more nature-based, and whose beliefs revolved around the respect and honoring of the cycles of nature, the planets and the earth. However, because of the choking off of those traditions, we have lost touch. Similar practices are indigenous to many parts of the world. Modern day spirituality has largely been responsible for bringing us back to many of those practices. We have evolved, we are coming full circle, and we are finding our way back.


Due to hundreds of years of suppression, no wonder we are having a difficult time speaking openly about our own personal awakenings! Fear, shame, and guilt often grip our subconscious minds still, a thread of terror stretching throughout the ages, very much impacting our ability to be open and fully who we are. Rigid religious messages have conditioned us to believe it’s wrong to explore beyond the rules and dogma of the church.


The first important step to overcoming the fear of speaking openly about your own psychic abilities is to remind yourself you are safe. The fear you feel stems from not only a fear of rejection and betrayal, but also from a collective suppression of spirituality that has built up throughout society over time. It is no longer 60 AD. We are not in danger of being killed for our eclectic spiritual beliefs or gifts. 


The second step is to fully embrace and accept our own psychic abilities. If we are hesitant, others will be as well. To begin dismantling this fear means complete self-acceptance. We know there is nothing harmful about embracing our own gifts. When I first revealed my own psychic gifts and new professional path to my family they were shocked, and discouraged me. However, there were many more who opened their hearts to me. Eventually my family grew to understand and accept my path. 


Next, we must face the fact that some people will simply not be ready to learn the truth about us. People may need to distance themselves from us at first. Allow space. Invite questions. Never tolerate bullying or abuse. Give others room to absorb the information and come around when the time is right. Some may never be able to find acceptance, and that should not stop us from being our whole selves.


We are spiritual warriors here to open minds and hearts. It’s a path of courage to step in and to also be graceful with others who cannot initially accept that part of us. We can remind ourselves it’s about their own fear and ignorance, and nothing to do with us.


When more of us stand together, we continue to normalize the gifts of the spirit, and that voice of suppression grows smaller and smaller until it is merely a thing of the past. While we don’t want to forget history, our past doesn’t deserve a place at the table anymore. I do know that the anticipation of how others are going to respond was much worse than how most people actually responded to me when I first came out of the psychic closet. In fact, most of the time that revelation made others feel less alone in their own spiritual gifts, and opened an avenue of dialogue and mutual support for differing spiritual beliefs. 


If together as a spiritual community we can adapt the narrative that we are all called during this time to foster a communal atmosphere of deep awareness and acceptance about the widely diverse and rich spiritual practices that exist on this planet, we further cultivate a more inclusive, harmonious planet. We build in attitudes of respect and freedom that permeate the consciousness and minds of future generations. 


Chanda Parkinson, psychic intuitive, author, mentor, has been a professional Psychic Intuitive and Spiritual Teacher for over 16 years. She uses her psychic gifts, tarot and astrology to assist others through transitions in life with clarity and compassion. Her passion is helping budding psychics develop their own gifts. She recently released the book "Meditations for Psychic Development: Practical Exercises to Awaken Your Sixth Sense" find out more about the book, services and events at

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