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Big News: Mind Body Spirit Store in St. Cloud, MN

Dear Customers, Co-workers, Supporters, and Friends,

When Merri and I began this adventure called Mind Body & Spirit we didn't have a clue what we were doing, we only knew that we had to do it. It was a calling and we could not ignore what the Universe and our hearts were guiding us into. Whether we were afraid or not we had to try. Although we hoped, we had no idea that we would still be here over 18 years later! Our original plan was to just see how it went and if we made it more than 3 years, we would call that a success. If we made it 5 years, we would be ecstatic. After 7 or 8 years went by, we were beginning to set a goal of 20 years. We decided that after 20 years we would more than likely be ready to give up the brand called Mind Body & Spirit to someone who wanted to carry it on into the future of what it could potentially be for the next 20 years. We had hoped to carry on ourselves until that time came.

But just like before, the Universe is in control.

So here we are today. We have much going on in our lives with family and elderly parents, etc, and so we have come to a bittersweet decision about our wonderful Mind Body & Spirit. Merri and I are not old, but we don't seem to have the kind of passionate energy that is needed to keep MBS the way we always have. It has been the success we had always wanted and hoped it would be, but now, just like when a parent needs to let go when their children reach 18, we have decided it is time to let go. We know this will be a shock to many, it will be like having a good friend move away but as we have always tried to assure everyone, it is inside that you find everything you need. You do not need anything but yourself.

This being said; everyone wants a bit of help sometimes. If that bit of sage is going to help, a particular candle puts you at ease, or it's a special stone to carry and help you day to day be who you are....then we have a bit of good news for you! We are hoping that someone out there would like to buy our shop from us. Yes, Mind Body & Spirit, successful shop for over 18 years, could be yours! Been thinking about having your own store for a while but just didn't know where to begin? It's a tough time to start up any new business right now but continuing a business, and making it your own, is a great way to begin! Continue reading after our letter to find out all about this offer!

There we have it. Mind Body & Spirit has been a bright spot for many, and we hope it can continue even though we unfortunately are unable to continue. We thought about it long and hard. It was not a decision lightly made as we love what we have done and love our customers. Sometimes the Universe just keeps pushing and if we don't listen to where we need to be next, the push that comes next will be unpleasant. We are going to listen once again to our intuition, as always, and move on to allow someone else to take Mind Body & Spirit into the future. We trust it will be another calling for someone out there. This little store and its beautiful community could really go so much further. It just needs someone else's love, motivation, and courage. Maybe it's you?!

Thank you to all for your patronage, support, encouragement and love for over 18 wonderful years!! We couldn't have done it without you!!


Joan and Merri

***Customers with unused punch cards please read!!

We would like to honor all punch cards, or reward cards, until we sell or close, so we are going to give credit as follows:

Full punch cards may be used for ten dollars off full purchase, as per usual.

All other individual punches will be worth .50 each off full purchase.

(1 punch worth .50, 4 punches worth 2.00, 7 worth 3.50, etc, etc) 


Mind Body & Spirit for Sale!

Please find below a list of what would be included in the purchase of our wonderful store.

* The Brand Name and Logo (this is powerful as it is so well known not just in Minnesota but in many states. MBS is recognized in many major cities and outlying areas in Minnesota as well as the 5-state area. We even have a few steady customers from outside of the United States!) A brand takes years to build. It is trusted by both customers and vendors near and far and is paramount to continued success. This truly is the most difficult part of beginning any business, recognition is everything!

* Vendor Information. This is also critical to a business like MBS. We have probably had thousands of vendors over the years, which eventually got whittled down due to quality, trust, availability, and value. That being said, there are still hundreds in our files if not more. Our regular vendors are the best and we can vouch for them. If you are new to running a store, this is invaluable information to start out with. It took us at least ten years to have such a great string of trustworthy vendors. It takes just 3-5 years to experience all of the price gouging and untrustworthiness found out there, even in the metaphysical realm we work in.

* Our products still available in the shop. What better way to begin a shop than to have things already started?! Our shelves are still full of merchandise and the shop has not been sitting idle, as you may find with other businesses for sale. This is a fully operational, up and running business with years behind the name, and customers visiting daily. When we first opened, we were excited to see 3 customers the first day. If we made $100.00 those first few days, we were over the moon! To begin with a large customer base already in place, you would have to work at not being successful. We have done so much work for your start!

* Connections. These are also something it takes years to accomplish! Connection with other shops throughout the United States. How to contact and be a part of a group of those just like you. Where to go to meet up and the best places to find these very helpful and affirming contacts that make things go just a bit smoother. If looking for practitioners, readers, authors, etc. to visit or participate in events, these are the folks to contact, and we can get you connected!

* A Customer Base of a few thousand. We have a customer list with emails (some with phone numbers) that is substantial. They are ready to hear all about you and your dreams for Mind Body and Spirit in the future. Most of our success came from just word of mouth advertising and this list proves it worked. Could there be more? Absolutely! That's where you come in! With a bit more advertising, it is possible for Mind Body and Spirit to become a much bigger success in its home town. With much more advertising it is a diamond in the rough waiting for someone to take it further, becoming the best thing all over the U.S. It's really all about you and how far you would like it to go! (This base also includes our Facebook page, Instagram, Twitter account and more!)

* Our knowledge and advice. Yep, Merri and I are willing to get you started. We can help get you all lined up and understand the ropes and in and outs of owning Mind Body and Spirit that we have learned throughout our time here. If you have questions, we are willing to share our expertise until you are well on your way!

* Advertising files. These files include all the info from past advertising we have done and where the best places to advertise are. There is a great deal of advertising available and we have some knowledge on what has worked for us and what did not. We have done billboards, magazines, electronic ads and more. We can help you with questions regarding your advertising.

* Informative Cards. We are willing to share our information that we have handed out on cards for years. Joan painstakingly wrote many info cards for our customers with shorthand versions of what items, stones and crystals, and other such things were all about. (These can be shared, although we are not allowing anyone to copyright Joan's info cards as she may want to use these information cards in the future.)

* Displays. Most displays are included in the sale of the store. There are a few personal displays that may be taken but this is something to be discussed.

* A Website that has drawn people from all over the country. Take a look at our website, we feel it truly speaks for itself.

* POS system with current inventory in place. Somewhat easy to modify based on your specific needs.

We currently do not have a set price for the sale of Mind Body & Spirit. We are only currently entertaining offers. We feel we will know when the right amount and even more importantly, the right people will come along with the right offer. We have always relied on our intuition and we intend to do so here as well. If we are not getting any offers at all we will liquidate and sell out our inventory. 


Mind Body Spirit, Gifts & Books

Merri Otto & Joan Stokes, Co-Owners

915 West St Germain

St. Cloud, MN 56301

t: (320)203-9630  f: (320)257-9710

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