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Liberating Yourself From Lyme Disease

By Vir McCoy

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After the initial diagnosis for Lyme disease, I took doxycycline and thought that was it: Cured. Little did I know it was just the beginning. Six months later, I was hospitalized, receiving intravenous antibiotics because Lyme had developed into a kind of meningitis that was ravaging my body. As I lay in the hospital bed, I began to cry. I was in a state of utter despair. What in the hell was going on? Why was I sick again after taking antibiotics?


I focused on my breathing and prayed. Lyme was jumbling my brain, I couldn't think, but I could feel. If I can still feel and breathe, then I can and love and exist, I thought. I "felt" into my brain and asked, “What's the matter?” as if my brain were a baby. With all of the love and tender feelings I could muster, I "cradled" my brain and asked again: “What's the matter? I love you, brain. What's wrong?”


A miracle happened. I had a vision. I saw a beautiful large oak tree in the woods, and up the side of the trunk, shelf mushrooms were spiraling up the tree toward the sky.


I recognized two kinds from my work as a field biologist. They were reishi mushrooms, another was a turkey tail mushroom, and there was a third kind, but I would have to wait till I got out of the hospital to look it up. I was called Chaga.


I need these, I thought.


I researched the mushrooms and discovered reishi mushrooms were used as an immune booster for thousands of years by the Chinese. Turkey tail mushrooms are also immune boosters and are part of an anticancer drug currently being developed and tested called PSK. Chaga turned out to be another incredible immune booster (Stamets,1999).




I began to hone my intuitive skills and practice the art of intuitive sensory perception inside my body. I noted what I was seeing, tasting, smelling, and hearing during motherly loving meditations.


I had another breakthrough. While inward viewing, I saw cysts inside my body. Lyme can lie dormant for up to a year or more, and those cysts, nasty little "eggs," were inside my brain. I saw rows of them like peas in a peapod. They were coated with a biofilm and with what looked like a pencil on top. I couldn't understand what this image was. I worked with my sensory perception and realized my body was speaking to me symbolically.


About a week after this vision, I wandered into the supplement section in Whole Foods Market. In the homeopathic aisle, I saw a little blue tube called "Graphites." Graphites, I thought. That's in pencils. Holy Moses! What do Graphites do exactly? According to the homeopathic pamphlet: "Graphites can dissolve toughened skin, scars, boils, and cysts." Pencils over eggs! My intuition told me that graphites and similar homeopathic remedies are essential for dissolving Lyme cysts. Graphites became a crucial component of my healing.


After this, I started trusting the more profound wisdom that came through the senses and from a place deeper than my mind.


I used the intuitive information I received and the science I researched to back up what I was intuiting to liberate myself from Lyme. I can intuit remedies and then back those notions up with science when possible. By utilizing my intuition, I am not invalidating science; I use both sets of "knowing" to collect information and facts. I would often be "shown" a remedy and then find the medical research that confirmed what I had intuited. This method helped me validate what I was seeing and sensing. In addition to many common antibiotics and herbs, I discovered several unusual medicines and techniques for Lyme that I had never heard of. I now offer them to help others as they have helped me.


Vir McCoy is a teacher, healer, author, lecturer, musician, and ecologist who works both as a bodywork healer and as a field biologist and botanist focusing on endangered species. He lives in Los Angeles. Liberating Yourself from Lyme by Vir McCoy and Kara Zahl is published by Healing Arts Press. For more information,  


EW: Vol I, 2021

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