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Is There a Line to God? 
By Carmel Niland






























Scientists are beginning to unravel many of the mysteries and codes behind our physical world, making it easier for us to understand who we are. We know now that every human possesses DNA—the genetic code that makes each of us an individual. But, our spiritual world remains mostly incomprehensible, and the answers to the age-old questions of who am I, or why am I here continue to mystify us. 

Over the years, as I tried to discover, who I was, I became increasingly fascinated with who everyone else was. Before long, I found myself on a quest to discover the true identity of an eighteenth-century diplomat and magician called Comte de Saint-Germain. A man who was long hidden in the shadows of the occult tradition and with whom I had become completely captivated. What began as a fascination with this alchemist became a search for buried treasure and an accidental discovery of the genealogy of God. In other words, I believe after many channeled discussions with him, I found the line to God and the real possibility that just as we have physical DNA, we all possess spiritual DNA as well.  

As I learned more about Saint-Germain, I became increasingly interested in what I saw at the curious links and connections between significant historical figures. Great circles of illuminated beings began to enthrall me—especially when contrasted with the darker circles of light who opposed them—Churchill and Roosevelt, who opposed Stalin and Hitler, or Sir Thomas More, who opposed King Henry VIII. I found myself asking, why do we have golden ages of enlightenment like the reign of Queen Elizabeth I surrounded by Shakespeare, Marlow, Spenser, Raleigh, Drake, and Bacon? Or of Lorenzo de Medici and his contemporaries Michelangelo, Raphael, Leonardo, Machiavelli, and Botticelli? What created the unfettered imagination of the Romantic era with Wordsworth, Keats, Byron, and Shelley? What mysterious forces were at hand in bringing together the visionary Washington, Adams, Franklin, Paine, Hamilton, and Jefferson to found the United States of America? Or the spiritual awakening in Asia with the lives of Buddha, Lao Tzu, and Confucius: all born within 50 years of one another? 

Could it be a mere accident that people of such genius bloomed simultaneously in glorious bursts of creative energy? Or was it by design, part of a larger plan, a plan with elegance and complexity, a Divine Plan? And if so, what was that plan, and why did evil have to fit into it? Why are people born so different—some with towering intellects and creative gifts while others are born into lives where death extinguishes them almost before they begin?

If there was evidence of a line to God, through a spiritual DNA, that exists in every one of us, how could I find it? It is said that characters who act out the human quest for self-knowledge, like Hamlet or Faust, have sooner or later dealings with angels, demons, and spirits. And I was no exception. 

Mysticism intrigues me. As a Catholic, that most supernatural and mystical of faiths, I was well versed in miracles, mysteries, and prophetic teachings and in the prophets who had a direct experience of God, or others who communicated with angels like Isaiah or saints like Theresa of Avila. Through their experiences, I gained fresh insights into the human dilemma. Why not ask them or other historical characters directly for firsthand accounts of what happened to them? Surely, after their deaths, they would have all the answers and perhaps help me to demonstrate the existence of spiritual DNA. 

The question was, how? Wherever possible, I interviewed them using a channel, an obliging, disincarnate Gatekeeper who contacted them. He was a Tibetan llama who could move into other worlds and there he would persuade famous people to participate and reveal their secrets.

After researching the life stories of about 500 people, both historical and contemporary characters with a worldwide spread of birthplaces, I found repeated patterns in these lives and with the Gatekeeper’s help, discovered the presence of 12 distinct energies that reflected their life stories. It soon became apparent that with each incarnation, these masters brought into their lives specific qualities and purposes. You may be familiar with their names, from your own spiritual work, but what you may not know is that every human being is an aspect of one of these energies from the very instance of their creation


These Master energies are called Mary and St. Germain, Lady Portia and Master Kuthumi, Lady Nada and Hilarion, Pallas Athene and El Moyra, Lady Leto and Serapis Bey, and Djwahl Kuhl and Lady Fortunata. I wrote Our Spiritual DNA to help you discover who you are and what gifts, surprises and challenges there might be for you in your energetic line.


Carmel Niland is the former CEO and leader of various government agencies on gender, racial equality, human rights, and child protection in New South Wales, Australia. The author of A Darker Magic This Way Comes, she lives in Sydney, Australia.

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