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Free as a Bird

by Audrey Geneva Wood

In times of stress and strain, a wise friend always advises: “The best way to get

out a thunderstorm is to fly above the clouds”. One way to accomplish this is to 

follow the example of our feathered friends who innately know that enjoying life

means always looking upwards with a playful spirit and hopeful delight.


Lovebirds, snowy owls, canaries and more,

Birds of all feathers I really adore!


Red, yellow, green, orange, violet and blue,

Periwinkle, pink - so many a hue.


Striped like a zebra, shaped like a plump pig,

Their feet so tiny they fit on a twig.


Some swooping quite low; some flying so high,

If condor or crow, macaw or magpie.


Calls an eagle, chirps a wren, coos a dove,  

Voicing joyful energy from above.


They make me laugh, they’re so friendly and fun,

Hatching nest eggs as they sit in the sun.


One is called Audrey; she’s smart and so nice,

A finch who looks down and laughs at the mice.


Mystical powers have ravens I’m told,  

Heavenly harbingers of grace so bold.


Birds soar to the clouds and perch in the trees,

Majestic, beautiful and free - like me!


by Audrey Geneva Wood (with a wise friend)

© 2021 Essential Wellness

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