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Final edition of digital Essential Wellness
By Lynn LaFroth, editor



This will be the final edition of digital “Essential Wellness” magazine. Our twice-monthly online newsletter “Essential Events & Services” will continue. 

    Dee and I have been publishing since the fall of 1995 so we are rounding out 28 years of newspaper and magazine production. The evolution from hard copy newspaper printing and distribution to stores, stands, and hundreds more locations—to digital publishing has been “a ride.” We’ve stayed current with the times, adapting to the changing culture and publishing industry as a whole. Print publications started to fail from about 2010 and then COVID hit and that was the end for many magazines and newspapers. We went completely digital in 2011. Advertising revenues drive publishing so that is the reason so many failed. A company needs to reinvent itself to the new media age. 

    Dee and I want to thank our supporters, many who’ve been there since the get-go, others newly arrived. We truly appreciate your support. More thanks go out to our writers who send in excellent, often cutting-edge material to publish.

    The reason we end the online magazine is that we are getting older and although we can manage our twice monthly newsletter, “Essential Events & Services,” the added quarterly magazine “Essential Wellness” needs to end. We have fulfilled what we set out to do some decades ago by offering new information and education about wellness and spirituality to this community.

    Soleil Graphics, Sunshine Sevigny, has contributed beautiful design layouts in each issue and we are deeply grateful for her many years of selfless work. She will move on to other horizons. 

    Again, thank you for reading “Essential Wellness.” Continue to look for our newsletter every other week!


Digital Editor Lynn LaFroth

Sales Director Dee LaFroth

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