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A directory of wellness and spirituality resources

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Anne Brady-Cronin



Being mindfully attentive to your body's energy field and your intuitive guidance, Anne meets each client where they are on their journey to maximize their healing and overall well-being. Using a combination of healing modalities, Anne's work is utilized to create a peace-filled experience that lasts, while providing tools for clients to implement in their own practice. Healing sessions available in person, or remotely.

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GemMe Wands

Cheri Paragi

GemMe Wands are unique, handcrafted, and radiant wands. Each GemMe Wands is designed using powerful crystal gemstones, partnered with pure copper wire that dance around sealed Purpleheart wood and driftwood. GemMe Wands are created in a variety of sizes and have energetic meanings which makes their uses unlimited. Please connect with Cheri Paragi so she can help guide you to the GemMe Wands that resonates with you.

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Mary Jo Feely,

Registered Nurse. Accredited and Certified Energy and Crystal Healer. Mary Jo has been working in the Energy Healing field since 2003. 

She uses Healing Touch, Reiki, Light Language, Hara and Crystal Healing, channeling, past life healing and essential oils 

in her practice. Mentoring. In-person and virtual classes. Usui Reiki, Crystal and Energy Healing, Crystal Healer Certification Program through her online school--the Center for Crystal and Healing Studies. Online Crystal Shop. 

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