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Emotions are mysterious and powerful 

By Joyce Sobotta

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An excerpt from her book:  "Breast Health Is in Your Hands, Tips for Breast Vitality and Sensuality"


Every emotion gives you a different message. This is how we learn and rise to a higher consciousness. When we are emotionally stressed, it is a good idea to cool down, take a deep breath, leave the room, count to 10, or do whatever we need to do to remain calm and in the moment. We can ask ourselves, what is the worst that can happen in this situation? How likely is it that the worst thing will happen? Could the situation correct itself if I give it time and patience or gratitude and forgiveness? 


Dealing with our emotions starts with awareness. Becoming aware is simply listening to our inner self. Sometimes emotions make one feel out of control, and it is easy to ignore them, or focus instead on the physical pain. When a person takes time to learn the meaning of the emotion with awareness and understanding, he gains power over it, and it is easier to deal with it. Be quiet for a few minutes and study the emotion. Ask yourself, what am I feeling? What caused it? Has it happened before? When was the last time? Does it happen frequently? Is there a message I get to learn from this emotion? What could I do differently? 


Changing an emotional pattern or vibe requires understanding of the issue and how it affects our life as well as understanding why we are experiencing the problem, and what we could experience instead.




Name the emotion you are feeling. There is a difference between what you feel and what you think you feel. For instance, being rejected is an opinion and broken-hearted is the feeling you need to name. Being overworked is an opinion and frustrated is the emotion or feeling that you get to learn from. Neglected is an opinion, whereas lonely is the feeling.


Own the emotion. It is important to acknowledge the emotion as your own. It is what it is. No one can make you mad or sad; you can only do that to yourself! Another person may pull the trigger to your emotions, but it doesn’t do you any good to blame anyone else for your feelings.  


Identify where in the body you feel the emotion. Once you figure out where in the body the emotion is, it will be easier to understand why you feel the way you do. Many emotions are perceived to be in the chest area, which includes the heart, lungs, breasts, throat, and shoulders. When you examine it more thoroughly, express it fully, relate, and respond to the situation in a healthy adaptive way, it becomes easier to understand and let it go. That is why the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) is so effective. 


EFT is an amazing therapy tool that does NOT require the practitioner to be a therapist. EFT consists of two parts—the physical part, which involves the tapping, and the verbal part, which involves the talking. The physical part can be learned easily and can be self-applied for quick fixes. The verbal part involves investigating to find out what words fit the emotion. This will produce the permanent desired outcome. It is performed by tapping on the meridian points on the body to stimulate and then release. The process is easy to memorize and is convenient, so it can be done anywhere.


Our physical pains and diseases are so obviously connected with our unresolved negative emotions. That is the main reason EFT works so well. It has been proven successful in thousands of clinical cases, and it applies to almost every problem. 


All our emotions have something to tell us. Deal with one emotion at a time, recognizing there may be other feelings that need to be released. No emotions are bad, not even the unpleasant ones. Any emotion can be considered good if we experience it fully and act on the message we get.  


Take time to be alone and happy with your own company. Learn to be independent of others. Give yourself permission to do what you set your mind to do. If you can create it in your thoughts, you can create it in your actions and accomplishments. 


Let go of limited thinking that there is only one way to accomplish a task. There is always more than one way! Take what you already know and move forward with it. Listen and take any clues that suggest another way. 


Forgive yourself of all the things you thought you did wrong. Be honest and express your feelings fully or journal what you feel. This reduces stress and has proven to be effective in boosting the immune system. Our heart, as well as our breast health, is in our hands … literally. In a recent study, women who can express their emotions live longer and have a better quality of life.


Feel secure and confident in who you are. Expect to be respected for your opinions and decisions, but also empathize and understand the reason for the beliefs of others. Listen to their suggestions, while having the courage to stand firm in your own beliefs.


Love yourself first with healthy lifestyle habits. Dance like no one is watching.  Are you self-conscious about what others think about you? Don’t you think maybe they have enough of their own stuff to deal with? I hope you dance, laugh, and sing. 


Gift yourself to a new way of health and wellness. Never limit your challenges, instead challenge your limits. Trust yourself and have an unyielding faith in what you do or have already accomplished. Listen to your heart. Prioritize alone time, organize tasks, say no to others, meditate, do breath work, practice movement, religion, or spirituality. Do whatever it takes for your best health. 


As we work with our emotions, our best guides are our intuition and our heart. We get to go to a place of stillness, a sacred place where we connect with our higher self. With a clear intention we can feel the energy or hear the message. We can be confident we understand mysterious and powerful emotions, trust our intuition, and accept the lessons we are given.











Joyce Sobotta is a Certified Aromatherapist, Certified Reflexologist, and Founder of Healthy Girls® Breast Oil & Aromatherapy Nature’s Way LLC. She is a breast health educator whose work is endorsed by doctors and thermographers nationwide. She is passionate about teaching women to love their breasts and take responsibility for their health. She has facilitated breast health programs for leading health organizations, including Susan G. Komen for the Cure, Alzheimer’s Association, and Mayo Health System. 

       Joyce’s passion for breast health ignited when conventional cancer treatments failed her sister, Theresa, who died from metastasized breast cancer. Joyce felt visited and guided by her sister’s spirit to write this book that could teach women the importance of self-care and love and   put power into their hands, literally.

       Her signature product, Healthy Girls Breast Oil, is featured in the best-selling book “Heal Breast Cancer Naturally” and is carried at medical centers, pharmacies, thermography clinics, and natural food stores across the country. She maintains and write blogs on her websites, and Her newest book “Breast Health Is in Your Hands, Tips for Breast Vitality and Sensuality” is available on

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