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Divine Intuition
By Emi'lea

What if you could tap into an information network and have the answer to every life choice from this point on? Every time you felt stuck, you would simply close your eyes and have a “perfect understanding” of which life path to take? You would know every outcome from every possibility and be able to lean on higher-dimensional knowledge at a moment’s notice. Essentially, you would be given the keys to your personal Garden of Eden regarding life’s choices. That’s Divine Intuition.


As a longtime medium and birth-code intuitive, I have leaned on spirits’ depiction of Divine Intuition and its importance in our daily lives. Spirit tells me that Divine Intuition differs from a gut reaction or human instinct in that an unbreakable bond to God Source Creator and our Higher Self inspires our choices. This energetic thread carries quantum packets of inner guidance from our highest perspective while guiding us from a place of love that spans all time and space. This intuitive lifeline cultivates our soul’s divine purpose, while acting as a road map to life’s most pivotal moments. Furthermore, when we develop this connection, our intuition strengthens becoming its own form of energetic language.


Mediums and psychics are often encouraged to lean on this intuition as it strengthens the connection between Spirit and Self. When we declare a desire to increase our Divine Intuition, Spirit usually starts by challenging us to take the “hit.” The “hit” is a slight, energetic nudge to choose something relatively safe but maybe out of the norm of our usual choosing. It can feel like a quick pulse of loving energy to the gut or heart center and can nudge us when we least expect it. It also operates because intuition circumvents fear; our mind loves to step in and talk us out of anything uncomfortable. However, when we act quickly on these small nudges, Spirit can move us through life’s choices miraculously .


For instance, have you ever felt the need to turn left instead of taking the same route home? Have you had a feeling of “running late” that put you on the road after an accident occurred? Did you pay for a stranger’s meal or randomly say “hello” to someone? Spirit lives for these tiny “hits” as it shows trust in God and a desire to partner with our spiritual team. It also signals to The Universe that we are willing to grow outside of what makes us comfortable and tells Spirit we are open to a reality beyond the one we planned for ourselves. Soon, “hits” turn into entire conversations through the heart center, and naturally, we start to feel the difference between each energetic nudge. Before you know it, you are dancing the waltz of miraculous synchronicities between God Source, Self, and your divine life purpose. This small act of intuitive listening jumpstarts quantum change and becomes the catalyst for your eternal connection to Divine Intuition.



When we live from this place of inner trust, The Universe can start to intervene on our behalf. The Universe sees us as “infinite abundance” and consciously works towards aligning us with this universal truth. When we surrender some of life’s choices to Divine Intuition, we see our reality shift exponentially. Now, our opportunities align more with what makes us happy simply because we gave Spirit and our Highest Self permission to move in our lives. While free will is one of humanity’s greatest gifts, it can also hinder our need to trust in Spirit. We live in a culture that celebrates individuality, but Spirit sees the greatest contributions from our ability to live authentically while partnering with others. Divine Intuition operates as a super network of information gathered from every experience and reality. It also carries the highest vibrational frequency of love and gratitude, raising our vibrational footprint across every reality. Now, our decisions are being made from a higher perspective, and our reality can’t help but shift to mirror our excitement for our purpose and life’s possibilities. Universal law states that like attracts like, and Divine Intuition assists the quantum change of our intuitive gifts and divine life purpose.


The only fundamental block to Divine Intuition is fear. Fear lives in our minds and protects us from anything that hurts our heart or feels uncomfortable. The mind is there to remind us of past struggles and operates under the guise that we aren’t safe should we jump into waters that have caused heartache.  However, Spirit doesn’t see life from this perspective yet honors free will as part of the human experience. Ultimately, Spirit would prefer if we operated from hope over fear as Divine Intuition is the language of love and possibilities. Spirit also understands that we may need a little nudge as shadow work and inner healing can clear the way for a better connection. Our physical and energetic body holds every experience across every lifetime, so it’s not uncommon to feel stuck or trapped in a loop of fear and lack. Often, this is because trauma has occurred in this lifetime, and the soul is torn between safety and matters of the heart. Generational and karmic contracts can also be part of a soul’s struggle to connect with Divine Intuition in which light-body healing, Reiki, and energetic realignment can help. These healing modalities soften the experience, so individuals can harness lost energy while clearing lethargic cycles of stemmed heartache.


Nevertheless, fear is not the enemy. Fear keeps us safe in situations of life or death and ramps up fight-or-flight states. However, fear can be our mind’s most persuasive tool and make it difficult to communicate between real danger and instances of past trauma. I’ve had clients describe their fear as a warm blanket that clouds their decision tree when they are weighing options between the head and the heart. Walt Disney Animation Studios has a short film, “Inner Workings,” that perfectly depicts the struggle between the brain and heart. The film features Paul who goes about his day while giving the viewer a peek at the internal battle between Brain and Heart. Brain operates from a conservative perspective, warning Paul to skip sugary pancakes and to avoid the pretty sunglass vendor named Kate, who might laugh and should try on bright sunglasses.

On the other hand, Paul’s heart yearns to swim in the ocean and finds the sunglasses fun. In the end, Brain gives over control to Heart, and realizes that Paul might leave this life alone and safe but devoid of true happiness and adventure. Divine Intuition considers both perspectives and always operates from a place of the heart before the head.


Trusting your yourself and following your inner guidance supports the download of priceless knowledge. In your heart, you know the answers, and Spirit always remains hopeful we will leap to live a more abundant life. Everything you’ve ever needed is held within and can be harnessed through this network of understanding. Now, our decisions align with our Highest Self, and our decision tree begins to open with infinite possibility. When we can make peace with the mind through energetic clearing and higher dimensional thinking, Divine Intuition waits on the other side of our mind’s tallest walls. It only takes a small “hit” and a desire to change to start the quantum leap to a new and brighter YOU.


Emi’lea, MA, ALFMT is a renowned medium, energy therapist and source-code intuitive. Founder of The Ascension Institute, Emi’lea helps clients tap into their birthright codes, unlocking their own unique spiritual gifts and divine life purpose. The goal is a transformative journey to bridge soul with the intuitive guidance of our highest-self.

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