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You, Too, Can Create Everyday Miracles.

By Valerie Lis, MA, founder of Simplified EFT Tapping™

I am fairly certain that, given a cape and a nice tiara, I could save the world. 

~Leigh Standley,


YOU, TOO, CAN create everyday miracles. This is a big promise. But it’s true. You can learn how to create everyday miracles. Literally. What, exactly, does that mean? To answer, we need a few definitions.



According to the American Heritage® Dictionary, a miracle “excites admiring awe; a wonderful or amazing event, act, person, or thing.” It “appears inexplicable by the laws of nature.” What is an everyday miracle?

Everyday miracles have two components: First, they are described as wonderful, amazing events — miracles by the people who experience them. And, they are commonplace, natural — everyday experiences for the people who help create them.

As an EFT Tapping practitioner, trainer, and mentor for over 20 years and the founder of Simplified EFT Tapping™ (SEFT), I can make this promise. Through the use of SEFT processes and tools, our community has made the impossible possible. And, we do it every single day. Follow our simple instructions. And, you, too, can create everyday miracles.

Here are a few of our everyday miracles:

  • A woman in her 80s ended her session dancing on tiptoes in her kitchen. She had been a victim of pain and had spent over a decade confined to a wheelchair. The pain was completely gone in less than an hour.

  • Procrastination caused a client to delay filing income taxes for three years. By the time the session ended, she was eagerly working on taxes with a huge a smile on her face!

  • Many examples of clutter problems — the kind they make TV shows about — have been easily, permanently and consistently resolved.

  • A client’s fear of snakes was eliminated — in just minutes.

  • In a single one- hour session, the deep-felt anger that led to her addictive patterns was dissolved.

  • Her insatiable cravings for chocolate and sweets were gone in minutes.

  • He walked into the session with a gluten sensitivity. When he walked out, the gluten sensitivity was gone.

  • She was finally able to leave an abusive relationship and, for the first time in her life, felt optimistic about her future.

  • He had social anxiety and an intense fear of rejection. Both issues were gone in the first session.

  • More than 40 people in a 2-hour Zoom session followed the 2-Step SEFT Process for chronic pain. They all had a drastic reduction or eliminated their chronic pain. Some had been suffering for years.

  • A 10-year old girl began the session feeling worthless. She said she felt like a piece of garbage. The transition came moments later when she said, “That’s not true anymore!” There was an immediate and permanent shift in her confidence level.

Every day, members of our SEFT community create these kinds of miracles for themselves and the people in their lives. And, you can too.


EFT Tapping was created about 25 years ago. With only eight or nine tapping points, it is a short process. Over time, it has increased in complexity. There are now dozens of styles with distinct steps and procedures. Thousands of relatively ineffective scripts were developed to resolve problems with emotional distress, cravings, pain, abundance, limiting beliefs, food and chemical sensitivities, sports performance, and many other issues.

With complexity, has come confusion.

You may have already tried tapping and found it easy to learn. As you continued to tap, though, you may have become more frustrated. Perhaps, you discovered it doesn't always work. Or, EFT Tapping may not have worked for you at all. Or, you recognized its vast potential and wanted to know more. No matter how you got here, if you have been searching for an easy-to-follow guide on tapping, you've come to the right place.

There is a simpler way to tap.

This faster, easier approach is the core of Simplified EFT Tapping™ (SEFT). The guiding principles that form the background of SEFT were combined into a short 3-Step Process. This process, which is often done naturally by new and seasoned practitioners, can be blended with almost all EFT styles. 

This is an exciting innovation!

The SEFT 3-Step Process is the fastest, easiest way to tap. When you follow these steps in your sessions, you will become more effective. It is truly simple; the entire process can be summarized in only six words!

The SEFT 3-Step Process:

  1. Get emotional.

  2. Tap.

  3. Evaluate and refocus.

This sounds overly simplistic, but it is truly the place where miracles begin.

Learning about the 3-Step SEFT Process is just the start.

SEFT includes dozens of unique tools and approaches to eliminate emotional and physical challenges and boost well-being. All the basics can be found on the website:

The website also provides blog post videos with instructions and tap-a-longs on many topics. These include:

  • Exceptional Results on Chronic Pain 

  • Law of Attraction and Tapping to Reach Your Goals

  • Tapping to Resolve Worry and Sadness

  • SEFT to Eliminate Financial Stress

  • How to Win Contests

  • And, more!

To go deeper into these tools and approaches, you may be interested in Simplified EFT Tapping™: How to Get Exceptional Results Every Time You Tap. This book includes a dictionary-style A-Z guide with hundreds of hints and tips to clear almost any issue. Although it was written for practitioners, you will also find it worthwhile for your own self-work. 


There are many other options for SEFT training:

  • Attend live online workshops. These include Level 1, Level 2, and Specialty Workshops such as Limiting Beliefs and Health Challenges. Workshops can lead to practitioner certification. They can also be taken for personal use.

  • Go through online video courses in Teachable.

  • Watch the Global SEFT Tapping Summits.

  • Book one-on-one sessions with certified practitioners, certified trainers, or founder Valerie Lis.

  • Sign up for the newsletter to receive updates on instructional videos, trainings, blog post videos, and other freebies.



You, too, can create everyday miracles and make a profound difference in the world.

Yes, this is a big promise. But, follow the instructions and tap. You will get results with the SEFT Process in no time. If you do it, it will work.

As a heart-centered community, we believe SEFT has real potential to improve the world. Those who tap to eliminate their own fears, anger, hate, and shame cannot help but evolve into gentler, kinder people. They naturally transform into authentic, loving versions of themselves, fully empowered to move into their greatest potentials.

As the movement continues to grow, we believe everyday miracles will become the “norm.” Wow — can you imagine the profound benefits this will create for humanity? We are joyful and excited for you to join us on this journey!

Valerie Lis, Brenda Campbell, and the SEFT Community

P.S. Capes and tiaras are optional.


Valerie Lis, MA is one of the leading experts on Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT Tapping) and is the author of "Simplified EFT Tapping™: How to Get Exceptional Results Every Time You Tap.” Many of her clients have achieved miraculous improvements in their emotional and physical health, often in only 1-3 sessions. Examples include freedom from pain after decades of suffering, relief from addictive cravings, elimination of food and chemical sensitivities, and complete shifts in limiting beliefs and unhealthy thought patterns. A faculty member, Valerie also teaches a variety of courses at a Minnesota (U.S.) state college. In all her roles, Valerie provides amazing self-empowering tools to her clients, students, and audiences, supporting positive change in just minutes!

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