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The Connecting Spirit
with Terri Peterson, SBF, TBF, RPh

Twin Cities (MN) and Beyond


Terri Peterson, breath coach and change catalyst, offers a unique path to personal transformation, optimum health and wellness through conscious breathwork. Her intuitive, heart-centered approach combines energy work, sound therapy & soul coaching along with the power of breath to help you relieve stress, improve your health, bust through your blocks, gain insights and take inspired action in your life. Terri is a living example of ‘West meets East’ as she blends her 20+ years as a holistic practitioner with over 4 decades as a registered pharmacist. Certifications include: Soul Breathing™, Transformational Breath®, Pranic Healing®, NPMDT® and Reiki. Individual sessions by appointment (in person & virtual), group breath sessions & workshops are ongoing. Mention this listing & save $10 on your first session.

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