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Anne Brady-Cronin



Anne offers services promoting healing and evolution of body/mind/spirit. By working with your Spirit Guides and Angels, Anne brings your Divine support system in to: resolve issues with the past, assess values, eliminate limiting beliefs, accomplish goals and create the life you deserve and desire.


Kathleen Kalil: Life Coach, Psychic/Medium





We can all use support, guidance, and connection as we face the challenges of our daily lives. I offer you gentle guidance, intuitive caring, and a safe space for focus and accountability. Using my psychic abilities, we can take an issue to a deeper level, exploring present and past influences. There are many stresses in our lives today. Caring for self enables you to find the balance needed to care for those around you.


Dawn Nordby, CFMW

Access Consciousness® Certified Facilitator, Talk to the Entities® Certified Facilitator


Through sessions and classes, Dawn utilizes the tools of Access Consciousness® to facilitate and empower people to alter or transform any area of living asked to alter or transform. Simple, pragmatic and easy to learn, the tools work; no matter what the topic. Talk to the Entities® is a specialty class of Access designed to create clarity, ease and abilities with awareness in general and the spirit world in particular. Offered classes include the Access Bars®, Body Processes, Access Facelift®, the Foundation, Entity specialties and more. All of Life comes to us with Ease, Joy and Glory®

Mirtha Solis





Make concrete changes. Unlock your potential. Maximize performance. Transformational Life Coaching uses techniques/strategies from NLP, spirituality, hypnosis, & energy, to work at your pace. Questions & solutions rest with you & evolve from the coaching process. Eliminate fears, habits, phobias, lack of motivation, internal conflicts, relationship challenges & any issue interfering with well-being. TLC goes to the root, leaving you with long-lasting change & practical tools for the future. An educational, fun & transformative process. Blossom into your Best Self.