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A directory of wellness and spirituality resources

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Anne Brady-Cronin


Anne's priority is to meet each person exactly where they are on life’s journey. Combining her work as a psychic and including modalities such as hypnosis, PSYCH K and others, her work goes beyond that of a usual coach. Anne's goal is to assist others in finding their Divine nature, moving beyond limiting beliefs and old stories, into clarity, focus and intentionally creating their ideal life.  Anne is the creator of the LampLighter Group—a group focused on accessing Spirits’ messages to live fully with greater intention and clarity. Sessions available in person, or remotely  Anne Brady-Cronin 320-250-9402


Kathleen Kalil: Life Coach, Psychic/Medium



We can all use support, guidance, and connection as we face the challenges of our daily lives. I offer you gentle guidance, intuitive caring, and a safe space for focus and accountability. Using my psychic abilities, we can take an issue to a deeper level, exploring present and past influences. There are many stresses in our lives today. Caring for self enables you to find the balance needed to care for those around you.

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