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Anne Brady-Cronin



Anne offers services promoting healing and evolution of body/mind/spirit. By working with your Spirit Guides and Angels, Anne brings your Divine support system in to: resolve issues with the past, assess values, eliminate limiting beliefs, accomplish goals and create the life you deserve and desire.

Kathleen Kalil: Transition Coach, Psychic/Medium




Change is a constant! Big change, small change – it all requires us to stop, take a breath, and reconsider our priorities. My transition coaching offers support for where you are now and where you want to be tomorrow. I offer you gentle guidance, intuitive caring, and a safe space for focus and accountability. With your permission, I will use my psychic abilities to ‘read’ specific issues thereby allowing you to access a deeper level of your process. 

Dawn Nordby, CFMW

Access Consciousness® Certified Facilitator, Talk to the Entities® Certified Facilitator


Through sessions and classes, Dawn utilizes tools of Access Consciousness® to empower people to alter or transform any area of living one might wish to alter or transform. Simple, pragmatic and easy to learn, the tools work; no matter what the topic. Talk to the Entities® is a specialty class of Access designed to create clarity, ease and abilities with awareness in general and the spirit world in particular. Classes include the Access Bars®, Body Processes, Access Facelift® and more. All of Life comes to me with Ease, Joy and Glory®

Mirtha Solis





Make concrete changes. Unlock your potential. Maximize performance. Transformational Life Coaching uses techniques/strategies from NLP, spirituality, hypnosis, & energy, to work at your pace. Questions & solutions rest with you & evolve from the coaching process. Eliminate fears, habits, phobias, lack of motivation, internal conflicts, relationship challenges & any issue interfering with well-being. TLC goes to the root, leaving you with long-lasting change & practical tools for the future. An educational, fun & transformative process. Blossom into your Best Self.

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