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By Betsy Whitfill

Chaos is jealous and raging. It overwhelms wherever the least vacillation is found. Chaos loses no opportunity of breaking through a weak barrier. Actually, darkness and chaos cannot endure anything constructive. They watch over pathways and seek whoever is capable of helping them.

This quote from the book “Brotherhood,” pgs. 137-138, published in 1937 by The Agni Yoga Society, is especially relevant to conditions in the world today. Whether we attribute world chaos to the injustice of past attitudes and actions, to the rich and powerful fearful of losing their grip on the world’s resources, or to the new energetic paradigm of Aquarius, all seems to have become ungrounded. Our culture has been dead for some time, but now the institutions built upon that dead culture are being fractured by the forces of chaos working through groups of individuals, creating fear, confusion and disorder. The voice of the people who no longer support those institutions has become the most potent force in the world.  It can topple regimes and destroy all vestige of the past. Humanity has awakened to its immense power.

However, there is another quote from another esoteric source, “Messages from Maitreya, the Christ ,” first published in London by Tara Press in 1980.  In message #64, Maitreya describes His teaching, and the compelling reason for seriously considering it now. My Teaching, simple though it is, will show you the necessity for sharing, for the creation of a pool of resources from which all men may take, the substitution for greed of co-operation and the manifestation of the inner divinity of men. This manifestation, My friends, must proceed, for without it the future for man would be black indeed.

Here we have the challenge of understanding the opportunity and the dangers embedded within this time in history. Humanity’s demand for change is based on its hope for freedom, with liberty and justice for all.  But that demand can be dominated by the forces of Chaos, stimulated to license by the gods of profit using the age long mode of competitive materialism to which we have been slaves for millennia. How much chaos is necessary to destroy the obstacles to that longed for freedom without enslaving humanity itself? The tool, the method of chaos can itself become the monster. Bringing order out of chaos has historically been the siren song of despots, and their price has always been our freedom.

Men and women must come to realize one essential fact: Humanity is subjectively One and Brotherhood is the manifestation of that oneness.  Trust in that Brotherhood must not be destroyed by the wild passions let loose by the forces of chaos, for it is the only key to our survival on Earth.  Sharing Earth’s resources through co-operative acts is the only way to reclaim that trust, for it brings all men and women into right relationship.  That alone will serve to save the world and ensure a bright future for humanity. Evolution, not revolution, is the way.

Our realization of the Oneness of all humanity and the sacred bond of Brotherhood is essential if we are to avoid that black future that Maitreya warns us about. As long as individuals and governments realize that to destroy the enemy of today with nuclear weapons is to destroy themselves in the process; as long as there are parents who teach their children that human life is sacred and must never be taken; as long as enough of us realize that man is an evolving god in incarnation and not the sinner of old to be beaten into submission, the future can become the glorious expression of that innate divinity.  


Many look to the World Teacher for this Age of Aquarius to fix our serious crises, as if whiffle dust could magically make a Nirvana on Earth. The truth is that because human free will is sacrosanct, He may not and will not infringe on that God-given right. What, then can Maitreya do? Where Karma allows, He can move earthquakes to the safest areas, heal or ameliorate illness and disability, inspire union among warring people and nations, warn of impending crises, save individuals from death in accidents, appear in multiple places at once to comfort and encourage individuals, all these and more.


He extends his Hand to each of us. Put your hand over His and ask for what you need. To the extent that Karma allows, Maitreya will make it so. This extraordinary, most personal connection is Maitreya’s gift. He is the embodiment of God’s Love, the most powerful energy on Earth. Love truly does conquer all. He comes to Teach. He hears all pleas. He changes lives in an instant. He is here now, working tirelessly to aid humanity. Maitreya daily sends Love throughout the planet. That Love energy creates the Sword of Cleavage that has polarized humanity. The change that we seek must first live within each of our hearts and minds. We, all of us and each of us, must choose whether to cling to the past in which competition and greed ruled our lives, or to work actively to implement the Principle of Sharing—the only method which will save the Earth and humanity. Sharing Earth’s resources will enable all people to live safe, healthy, educated and fulfilled lives. This is not Socialism or Communism. It is not an ideology.  It has not yet ever governed life on Earth, but it will come to be the way of life for all of us. Maitreya is here now to teach us how to make it so.


Share International has forecast the time when Maitreya will appear before the world, and will speak to all, each in his/her own language. We still await that day, but first there must be some level of peace, calm readiness to build anew, and most of all, our invitation. Ask yourself how close to this state of calm readiness we are.


This Age of Aquarius will develop in humanity the quality of synthesis, a Divine attribute that will manifest as beneficent Unity (not uniformity – for our diversity is part of God’s plan for this planet) throughout the world. In other words, humanity must come together. Maitreya and the Spiritual Hierarchy of Masters are working among us now, lending their experience and knowledge freely to those who are open. All who join in this joyful work of restoration will receive Maitreya’s help, His energy, His courage.  Recently, as published in Share International magazine, “Maitreya,” as usual in disguise, visited the Share International center in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. He repeatedly told the group to have faith, be patient and that all will be well. “Whatever you see on television don’t worry about it.  All will be well.”  He suggested that the information about His reappearance should be made more accessible. Therefore, if you want to help, pass this information along. Tell others of what you have read here and provide them a great opportunity to join in this immensely important movement for Unity and Brotherhood.  


Betsy Whitfill is a volunteer for Share International USA and can be reached at

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