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Know your heart


by kevin doheny

TERMINOLOGY IS a problem. “The Heart” means different things to different people: An organ that pumps blood, a chakra, shape, Human Design center (dealing with ego), etc. Today, I invite you to see the “Heart” the way the ancients saw it—as the center or core.

Loop of the Lost

Look around you. Really look! Are people in a “good place?” I think not. Stress and stress-related conditions are at an all-time high, and unfortunately many people don’t even realize just how stressed they are until something happens. Why? Because people are DOing to “have”… and then they have to do… and do to have, etc. Is this a fulfilling life? Not!

The Forgotten Progression (No “Secrets”)

There are two very important things which need to be in place before DOing. The first is KNOWing. A person must know who they are. This is not a “head level” knowing; it’s a heart level knowing—a really deep down, core knowing. A certainty of who a person is now [note that “now” is built right into “know”]. The next step is BEing what/who you know you are. And then the final step is in the DOing, which follows from the knowing and being. In knowing, being, and doing, you will have. [If you can honestly state, “I know who I am, and I am what I do, and do what I am,” you are “on the path.”]

A Harmonious System

As a picture is worth a thousand words, I invite you to view the heart as the very center of you and everything else (your thoughts, feelings, physical body, and actions) is built up in layers around that core. The Heart has a particular sound (more than just frequency). This “Heart Sound” is who you are, although it may (slowly) change and evolve over time. The other layers around the Heart have a sound as well, and when their sound is not harmonious with that of the Heart… well, that’s no more pleasant than listening to a C and C# being played together. What needs to be done is to discover the sound of the Heart (the KNOWing), and then bring the other layers into alignment with that sound (through the BEing and DOing).

Get Going!

There are many methods and techniques being taught and offered to get you in touch with your heart. The tried and true techniques of meditation and concentration are hard to improve on, yet every person is different, and so what works for one person may not be right for another. It’s a process, though, and although others can give you some pieces to the puzzle and guidance along the journey, in the end, only you can know who you are, and in so knowing, BE and DO (and end up living harmoniously with you).

My Gift For You

As an early Valentine’s Day gift to you, I’ve uploaded the “Heart of the Universe” track (11:38) from my Touch the Heart CD. It’s available at http://www.soundmindbodyhealing.com/sound/TTH_Heart_of_the_Universe.mp3 (upper/lower case and underscore characters must be correct). Listen on-line, save it, download it to your MP3 player, or whatever. Enjoy!

Kevin Doheny, BA, CHT, MBT, is Founder and Center Director of Sound Mind & Body Healing Center (and its subsidiary, Sound Mind & Body Productions) in Eagan, MN. A certified hypnotherapist and developer of the “Sound Hypnosis Process,” Kevin’s CDs and the personal sound/music he creates for people, frees thinking and develops self-mastery. Regular SMBHC evening events are Sound Meditation (Mondays) and Heart Sounds (Thursdays). www.soundmindbodyhealing.com or 651-688-2469.

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