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The Learning Path by Jurema Silva

Negativity is everywhere. Some of us start experiencing it at home from our parents or siblings at very young age. We are also exposed to it during our school and work years. Negativity passes around from one person to another, from generation to generation, almost as if it were a contagious disease. How can we possibly enjoy our lives if we are constantly dealing with negative behaviors, thoughts, feelings and actions. Living with positive thoughts, optimism, exuberance, and playfulness are the best ways to defy negativity, not just from our environment, but also from within. Optimism eliminates darkness, brings inspiration, enlightens others and is a good reason to continue moving forward. How do we get to this stage of optimism? How can we nurture a steady ?ow of positive vibe when there is so much negative energy surrounding us, a?ecting our lives?

Centuries ago, human kind found a way to connect with each other through news accounts that were mostly bad. We now experience more difficult times with news due to technology. We are bombarded 24/7 with bad news from transportation disasters to natural disasters to terrorist attacks. Good news is rarely displayed in the media (there are so many good news stories that are rarely announced). Even if we don’t watch or read news, it a?ects us one way or another. We can turn away from bad news, but negativity continues ?owing right to our doorstep, from disturbed and discriminative comments on social media, to pessimistic attitudes from co-workers. We experience disapproval and hostile behavior from our own children, disconnection and condemnation from our family members.

Even weather news is negative, thriving to deliver in detail horrible natural disasters and countless tragic stories. In some reports they choose purposely to say it’s going to be a partly cloudy day instead of partly sunny day. Pessimism and bad news stories multiply the audience, catch our attention and therefore brings money to the ones who exploit our fears and worries. It misguides our society and creates panic. In the mist of this unpleasant reality, it feels like our good vibes and positive intentions are not enough, or do not work to navigate through such a dense and unfair energy. Ignoring adversity is not the solution.

Awareness of our own negativity and negativity coming from those around us is the ?rst step to begin the process of changing our behavior, feelings and thoughts. We must learn how to identify negativity by watching how we react to it. From the moment we acknowledge our reactions regarding a negative comment, action, etc., we can pause and focus our attention on how negativity is a?ecting us. With time and practice, we will be equipped to alter the unfriendly vibration into a positive, uplifting energy coming from within.

I’ve been speaking about this topic throughout the U.S., and the number one question from the public is how to maintain a positive vibe when dealing with so much negativity. Daily practice is the answer. Practicing positive thoughts and optimism every day from the moment you wake up eventually becomes normal. We cannot change how people think or how they act, or for that matter, we cannot change the world. It is possible though to change how we manage to react to negativity. People at some point in their lives realize that living with constant negativity has a frightful and sometimes irreversible physical, mental and emotional consequence.

During this lecture, I will interact with the audience to show how negativity is a?ecting our personal and professional lives. Most important, I will share ways to maintain the constant positive vibe from morning to bed time. How to protect ourselves from negative places. How to behave in the presence of pessimistic people. How to handle the negativity in our society, especially news media, social media, and more.

The object of this lecture is to introduce practical tools to identify our weakness when facing negativity and to awaken the divine power within, to handle it without fear. Recreating our lives by cultivating positive vibes and thoughts can lead us to a much better journey. A journey full of con?dence, self-acceptance, self-awareness and abundance.

When we see ourselves feeling more optimistic and acting in a positive way, no amount of negative energy can a?ect us. Essentially the veil between the spiritual world and us becomes translucent, allowing us to easily tap into our intuitive gifts because of our conscious self-improvement. Transformation starts from within. When you have the right tools to manage negativity you will feel empowered and con?dent to change your own vibe. Choosing to carry a positive ?ow of energy not just improves all aspects of your life but also the lives of everyone around you. Don’t miss this lecture. 

Saturday, February 24 | 1:00-2:30 p.m.
JUREMA SILVA presents: The Learning Path: Managing Negativity, Boosting Your Good Vibes, Amplifying Your Intuition

General Admission Ticket: $14.00 BUY TICKET NOW | $19.00 at the door

HOW CAN WE BOOST our positive energy, without managing the negative vibes surrounding us? To find balance, feel protected and positive, we do need to first minister, learn and understand how to perceive negative thoughts and feelings. Consequently, we may be able to successfully clear and elevate our positive energy of protection, love and kindness.

Negativity affects everyone causing psychological, emotional and physical distress in our lives. It leads to low self-esteem, blockages, self-disconnection, grief, lack of motivation, distrust and much more. It can interfere with your mood at home, at your work place and at times, disturbs the peace of the ones around you. Understanding the roots of negativity and knowing how to manage it, improves the quality of your life and the environment around you. Increase your self-awareness, self-confidence, and significantly boost the power of your intuition.

This lecture provides the tools necessary to handle negative energies, methods of self-protection and self-awareness, and practical ways to identify negative vibes. With these tools you will elevate your vibration when negativity is consuming many aspects of your life and your own self. Jurema will interact with the audience demonstrating the various forms of conscious, unconscious and subconscious negative behavior. And most importantly, she will teach the participants how to change and repel the unwanted energies by promptly raising your own positive vibes, resulting in a complete transformation of the atmosphere into a flow of harmonious and absolute joyful energy. Jurema has been speaking about this very important topic throughout the U.S. and the world for many years. Her vast knowledge of the spiritual world, and her experience counseling thousands of people, motivates this amazing psychic and medium to educate people about negativity and the impact of constant bearing with these energies in our daily lives. Managing and releasing negativity are the keys to improve your entire life journey and your self-confidence, opening the door to finally trusting your own intuition gift without hesitation or second doubts.

This is an effective and beneficial lecture for individuals of all ages, especially for people who are extremely sensitive to energies in general, and for those who don’t know how to manage and raise their own vibes. Don’t miss this one-of-a-kind lecture.

JUREMA SILVA is a naturally gifted psychic/medium, spiritual counselor, inspirational speaker and guided energy healer practitioner. She grew up experiencing and learning a variety of ancient healing techniques in her native country, Brazil. Nearly thirty years ago, she brought to the U.S. her original spiritual abilities, resulting in a captivating and effective healing approach. Her charisma and contagious energy make her one of the most outstanding psychics in the U.S. Jurema’s authenticity and remarkable education regarding the spiritual world has transformed the lives of thousands of people worldwide. She began an extensive study of the spiritual world, incarnation, spirit connection, channeling, human energy field, and more since a very young age, when her own intuitive gifts needed more answers. She traveled to many countries to experience their culture, and especially learn their ancient spiritual believes and healing techniques. Her personal and spiritual experiences raised the awareness necessary to begin her true journey as a professional healer and psychic. Throughout decades as spiritual counselor, Jurema has witness her own clients unprecedented life transformations. In the recent years, Jurema intuitively felt the need to expand her teachings, writing, public speaking and publicized her enormous divine knowledge to a wide range of venues in many cities of the U.S. She consistently gathers large crowds to her lectures, classes and presentations. She built an immense amount of enthusiastic and grateful followers all over the U.S. and from other countries. Her remarkable spiritual presence, authentic and live personality make her lectures one of the most pleasant, contagious and most important a collective healing event to enjoy. For more information on Jurema Silva, visit www.juremasilva.com.

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