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Talk to your beloved ones who’ve passed By Alison James

Saturday, February 24 | 3:00-4:30 p.m.

ALISON JAMES presents: A Psychic Gallery

Have you ever wondered where your loved ones go when the cross over to the afterlife or are in transition or coma? Well it depends on what they see as their personal heaven and if they know they have passed or are going to. 

They could be fly fishing in the Colorado river or back to Hawaii for that trip of a life time they took as their own personal heaven. It’s personal to the beholder, and what they perceive heaven is. It could also be they want to stay right here with you in spirit to make sure you’re ok for now, yet they too must move on in their journey and like a wonderful friend drop in from time to time. 

We have free will and there is no hell and promise no one is stuck anywhere—confused, maybe, but that can be changed with assisting them with what has happened and allowing them to process as well as you. It’s all going to be ok, and you’ll be ok too.

Grief is an elusive bird that flies in and out of one’s day and at times it may be the showdown or can become the light touch of a friend and alter your understanding into acceptance and beautiful memories and the peace of a white dove to grace your life with a future of hope and know that life does go on and so will you, your loved ones want you to because the love never dies and the pain will lessen and you will never forget them as they will always have a place in your heart with each beat.

Have you lost a loved one to suicide and wonder why they did it? While they may not even know why other than they were in unbearable pain—be that mentally, physically or emotionally. The important thing to know is it’s not about the whys and judgment but about how those on this side can heal and those that we feel we have lost. When they pass most often they can’t believe that it went to fruition any more than those left behind do, to deal with their loss and pain. Both need healing and to grieve the losses from both sides with compassion. 

Alison dials in to the psychic yellow pages to make the connections that you will experience as a group at her Psychic Gallery. Bringing to life from the spirit world those who have made the journey into the afterlife. All sentient beings have a soul and can be dialed up so to speak, yes—even pets and you can too!

Ever wonder if they see and hear you, let me tell you they do, and you will understand when they start coming through with information that they have experienced and what they have been thinking about and processing or want you to know!

Healing happens for everyone from you in the audience to those who come through. Wonder how you know it’s them, why their personality stays in tact as their soul, mind and memories go with them as well.

Spirit world works in mysterious ways and touches everyone in unique ways at a Gallery; from shared experiences or making a connection with someone in the group to profound understanding of we are only human, and all grieve our losses and joys. 

Know you get to keep all your good memories forever of the time shared while your loved one was on earth as they do about you. 

How does it work this spirit communication you ask. It’s a bit like an elevator door opening to the other side each time a connection is made, and information provided, which is telepathic, and Alison holds the doors open to receive it and they close and they are opened each time for loved ones to share. 

Like when Grandma used to chase everyone around the house with her squeaky funny Kewpie doll that she thought was hilarious but no one else did, she was always a little goofy that way and made everyone laugh, so it would be no surprise she would still be trying to cheer you up! You for sure knew it was her letting you know it’s her beyond doubt. 

Your loved ones need to be validated by a behavior, memory or at time even new information regarding a future event that has yet to happen “like a pregnancy” and you haven’t even met the guy yet! Those are the shockers for the skeptics among you that hit you like a ton of bricks with undeniable “proof” that it was them. 

It’s hard to open you mind and heart when you have suffered a great loss and you’re encouraged to be open to a wonderful afternoon of gentle and kind spirit communication with others in this group setting. You’ll be surprised, amazed, and join in the laughter, joy and a few tears with knowing your loved ones never die and they are but a thought away or standing right next to you, wanting the absolute best for you then, now and forever. 

The journey continues on both sides.

Alison works with her guide group the “Spirit Counsel” and those who come through. As a Physical Trance Medium, it’s imperative to control the environment — internal and external — during the Gallery. She uses her own body for the transfigurations, materialization, emotions. It’s unlike anything you’ve experienced before, guaranteed, and it’s all good. She partners with the universal energies, attendees and the energy systems to anchor to this world. She moves her personal energy and history aside so that there is no transference — in essence, Alison is a crystal clear pure vessel, opening herself to all the diverse energies and then releasing them all at closure time before the event ends.

PSYCHIC MEDIUM ALISON JAMES, voted the best by WCCO, TCT, MSP and CBS, is one of the finest and most-referred name by those in the know. She is a sage to famous and celebrity clientele from coast-to-coast and everything in-between. Alison is a hard-wired Psychic Medium with five-star ethics with an objective approach in her established career. For more information on Alison James, visit www.alisonjames.us

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