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Ho’ oponopono and Family Constellations By Ulrich Dupree

In this excerpt from Ho’ oponopono and Family Constellations by Ulrich Dupree we learn how this ancient Hawaiian ritual can be used in conjunction with the concept of family constellations as a tool for healing ourselves, our family and our world.


Ho‘oponopono can be translated as ‘making things rightly right,’ ‘putting things right again’ or ‘restoring divine order.’ The idea is that everything flows from the Source of all things (Hawaiian: ke akua oi’a’io), whose essence,  mana aloha is pure love.

To the ancient Hawaiians, life was a great river (Hawaiian: wai wai) of material and spiritual wealth to which one needs only to turn and/or open up mentally and spiritually. Life itself is richness and a person living in harmony with themselves and the cosmos is able to live happily, healthily and in prosperity.


The word pono appears twice, as two people are always required– both for a harmonious relationship in which all concerned can grow together, and for conflict, which can be exhausting. For a relationship to be balanced, the solution has to be pono: right for you and right for me. Right for people, animals, plants, and for the Earth. 

The aim of this method of healing conflict is to achieve a ‘win-win’ relationship.  A ‘win-lose’ relationship – for example, is when workers pay with their health because of precarious working conditions or when pesticides that harm the environment are used in agriculture – this is really a ‘lose-lose’ relationship – everybody involved loses out, you cannot base your happiness on the suffering of others.


Ponopono, ‘right, inside and out,’  is based on the cosmic principle of resonances (Hawaiian: kuolo). This means that external environmental pollution for example will resonate within you in the form of a pollution of the heart. Considerate types of people who cause fewer problems for others also suffer fewer lifestyle diseases themselves. Everything is created twice – first in our imaginations and then on a material level.


When our thoughts and intentions are loving, compassionate and peaceful, the outcome will be a pleasant one. Just like everything in the universe, ponopono obeys the fundamental law of cause and effect: ka ua mea. Everything we do and everything we fail to do has an effect. 

The circumstances of our lives are not there by coincidence, they are the result of our thoughts, the decisions we made on the strength of these thoughts and, ultimately, of our conscious and unconscious actions. It makes a difference whether you encourage or discourage a colleague with your remarks. It makes a difference whether you think well or badly of someone. It makes a difference whether you are a good or a bad example to children, whether you shop sustainably or without thinking about the consequences. We harvest today what we sowed yesterday – and the same is true of tomorrow.

This law of cause and effect contains an incredible opportunity for humanity to heal Nature and bring about world peace; to stop being a ‘spoilsport’ in the ecosystem and return to being a team player in the great family of the world, we have to sow new causes – then we can reap a harvest of peace. Having peace in our hearts will lead to peace in the world.

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