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Your Complete Guide to Empowered and Mindful Living Amidst Uncertainty and Change

“To change who you are, change who you think you are”.

-Jonathan Huie.


Consider yourself invited! Be the first to read, share, and review a new changing minds book. From the founder of a ground breaking transformational coaching practice The Center Within, Professor Michele Rae, comes her new profound book, Living From the Center Within. The book is launching March 1st and available at Amazon

This book is a call to action to awaken to true self. Michele shares 30 years worth of time tested practices designed to build community and new systems that have positive collective impact culturally, politically and economically. She offers you a roadmap and powerful tools to enhance mindful living, wellbeing, healing and self-awareness. You will learn about something you always wanted to know, how to live consciously and deeply authentically. 

Here are 3 key things the book has to offer you wouldn't want to miss:

  • The book is a highly engaging, interactive, informative and accessible journey toward higher consciousness. Moving from personal pain and lacking to abundance and wholeness is possible. 
  • It helps readers center, quiet and open the mind-body-heart. Using the wisdom of ancient teaching and modern science, invitations to daily transformative practice and reflection questions, Rae walks readers through three levels of human consciousness. Expanding awareness, focusing attention and clarifying intention brings people to their center within.
  • It explains how minds, bodies, and emotions are intertwined, and gives the reader tools to move toward a healthier self. It is for people eager to actualize their beings and fall in love with their lives. You can live full out and fearlessly from a sense of calm, joy, and peace.

Here is a few examples of  what readers say about Living from the Center Within:

“Michele Rae skillfully condenses the stages of conscious evolution into individual, interconnected, and infinite consciousness. With each leap in consciousness there is a corresponding boon to the individual and culture.” 

—Elliott Dacher, M.D., author of Aware, Awake, Alive

"I could almost feel Michele taking me by the hand and leading me to a deeper understanding and awareness that will have a profound impact on me both personally and professionally."

 —Barb Greenberg, Founder/CEO Rediscovering U

“Michele Rae is one of those authors whose gifts include the capacity to enlighten and transform her readers lives.…offers a wealth of fresh material, together with insightful commentary.” 

Joan Kennedy, motivational speaker and author of Unlocking the Secrets of Successful Women

“A call to action during this time of rapid change and shifting paradigms, inviting each of us to access and express our highest potential in everyday living. Michele Rae clearly illuminates the strength of transformative practices and the mind-body science behind relaxation, intention and attention.”

 —Marilyn Schlitz, Chair of the Global Education program at Sofia University and author of Death Makes Life Possible

"This book combines the loving wisdom of the Dalai Lama, the generous kindness of Mother Teresa, and the brilliant insights of Deepak Chopra. It would be a stroke of genius – and necessity – to make Living from the Center Within part of the core curriculum of every K through 12 school in America."

—Bill Manahan, MD Assistant Professor Emeritus, University of Minnesota Medical School, Minneapolis, MN


Contact Michele Rae directly to schedule an interview or to review her book or if you have any questions or comments at Michele@CenterWithin.com, phone 612-310-8876 or go to her website The Center Within.

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