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New book by Cindi McGrath

BOOK RELEASE!  Healing Ellie Healing Me by Cindi McGrath. The true story of Ellie’s and the author’s shared journey of self-discovery and healing. Ellie, abused and tortured before being cast aside as a not-quite-four-month-old puppy; this is her story of transformation.


Discovered living in a culvert, starving and covered with wounds and parasites; this is Ellie’s journey from a distrustful and traumatized puppy to a healthy, happy, 120-pound lapdog. Unlike many stories told from a dog’s perspective, Ellie’s story is different. Ellie’s story is true. A true tale of neglect, torture, and abuse followed by rescue, deep struggle, and healing. That Ellie found the one person - the only person -  who could save her was destiny. A dog that surely would have been abandoned yet again by most others; author, animal communicator, and intuitive healer, Cindi heard Ellie’s plea for help: ‘Why was I unlovable to them? Help me. YOU show me how to heal. I don’t know another way. I don’t want to be a bad dog.’ The other dogs and humans who shared Ellie’s journey might have chosen the word fate vs. destiny; Labrador Olive, ‘Why are you listening to Ellie? Stop it! Don’t listen to her! I’ve been here the longest and I am the lead dog!’  

Ellie’s anxieties were many: fear of water - lakes, streams, rivers, puddles, rain; fear of the dark; fear of the forest; fear of men; fear of young boys – an actual terror of young boys; fear of enclosed spaces. A twenty-four by twenty-four-foot room was, to Ellie, enclosed space. Ellie bristled and then rushed at virtually anything that surprised her, from a tiny insect to someone entering her home.

Along the path of Ellie’s recovery, Cindi asked, ‘What do you need from me, Ellie? Where do I even begin to help you through all of this trapped anger and rage? I want to help you Ellie, but you need to help me understand. What does Ellie want?’ Ellie replied, ‘I need a consistent environment. I need a SAFE and CONSISTENT environment, and I don’t want anyone to argue with me over what I feel I need. When someone argues with me I feel like I am going to die and I just start fighting. And I don’t always know WHAT I am fighting. Then I come to, and I have to see what happened. I’m trying to function within that. I am trying to function.’ 

You won’t put this book down once you’ve met Ellie where her journey toward healing began; in a ditch alongside a lonely road on a cold October evening.  Visit the publisher’s website www.Inspire-Ink.com to order your copy today. All books ordered before midnight January 31, 2017, will be signed by the author! 

Also, soon to be released non-fiction prose I Don’t Remember. I Don’t Remember recounts the first moments and hours following a traumatic brain injury suffered by the author. I Don’t Remember will be available as an audio or PDF download; early January, 2017. 

"We have had the honor of having Cindi McGrath as one of our students, and she has shared so many insights about animals. A powerful animal communicator and healer."    ~  Nancy Rebecca, Intuitive Mind                             

With her husband, Chris, and four amazing dogs; Cindi lives in Northwest Wisconsin surrounded by the woods, water, and wildlife of the Chequamegon National Forest. In 2011 she left a successful career in business to following her passion of working with animals. She can be reached at CindiMarieMcGrath@gmail.com and www.CindiMcGrath.org     

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