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Upper Midwest Hanmi Buddhist Association

Know yourself.  Change yourself.  Overcome yourself.


 Vajracharya Charlotte M. Steen, ZhiChan

Serving all with an open heart-mind through Chinese Esoteric (Hanmi) Buddhist spiritual healing services, meditation classes, and Hanmi prayer services (dharma rites).  

    Vajracharya Charlotte M. Steen was ordained as a Hanmi Buddhist teacher by the 49th Lineage bearer, Great Master Dechan Jueren in 2010 at YingTian Temple, Chengdu, China.  A dedicated student of the lineage since 2002, she has studied under, practiced and traveled with Great Master Dechan Jueren in the United States, China, Great Britain, and Ireland.  After four years of service at Dari Rulai Temple in Los Angeles, she left in 2012 as the former Vice Abbot, to bring the Chinese Esoteric teachings to more people in Minnesota, the Upper Midwest, and beyond.    



Find us also on Meetup.com:  Upper Midwest Hanmi Buddhist Meditation 

Mailing address:  1882 Sargent Avenue, St. Paul, Minnesota 55105


Meditation Classes, Workshops & Retreats

Introductory Courses:  The Six Lotus Family Dharmas, including: The Effulgence of Amitabha Buddha.  The Purity of Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva, and others.   

The Foundations for Self-Realization Dharma Courses:  Treasure Vase Qi, Calming & Relaxing, Diamond Wisdom, Dhyana Yoga, and Prajna Akas’agarbha Wisdom (and Wealth) Moving meditation.  

Advanced Healing Dharma Seminars:  Medicine Buddha Empowerment & Dharma teaching; Hanmi Healing Techniques Course.  

Additional meditation classes:  Wisdom Dew Beauty Yoga, Balance Weight, Calcium Enrichment, Diabetes Self-Healing, Self-Healing for Various Illnesses. 


Chinese Esoteric Buddhist Healing Services

Receive the healing grace of countless Buddhas & Bodhisattvas through a quiet, no touch, spiritual healing service.  Available for groups and individuals.


Chinese Esoteric Buddhist Prayer Services--Dharma Rites

Hanmi Buddhist dharma rites, or prayer services, use the spiritual blessing of chanting mantras by experienced practitioners to bring forth special blessings to the recipients.  Available for Birthday blessings, Assist the Deceased, Extinguish Disaster and more.   

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