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BioPsciences Institute

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Ortho-Bionomy is a gentle, but highly effective system of therapeutic bodywork for the relief of pain and muscle tension in the body.  It is an energy-based form of bodywork that uses positioning and slow movement of the body to teach a person how to live in a more relaxed, stress-free manner.  It's useful not only in cases of pain or injury (such as whiplash or sports injury), but it's also a great way to release the stress and tension of daily living.  Private sessions last about 75 minutes. 


Flower Essence Consultations

Flower essences are an exquisite tool for breaking through psycho-emotional blockages and issues -- provided you find the right remedies.  Martin is one of the leading flower essence consultants in this region.  In a 1 to 2 hour consultation, we will determine the appropriate remedies to address your current situation, literally tuning the mixture to enhance your subtle energetic pattern.


Astrological Readings

Private readings of your astrological birthchart show the potentials and basic "life stories" that you were born with and keep reliving daily.  Clients usually find this overview of "why my life happens the way it does" quite illuminating and often a big emotional relief.  Readings also include a look at the current astrological influences (transits) affecting your birthchart, which trigger your current and upcoming circumstances.  Martin has been practicing astrology since 1970 and brings decades of astrological experience to his readings, along with uncommon depth and sensitivity.  These readings last about 2 hours; you are encouraged to record the reading for later reference, so please bring your own recording device. 

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Flower Essences, Gem Elixirs and HCW Remedies

Starting in 1989, Martin has been creating his own extensive collection of flower essences (based primarily on local flowers) and gem elixirs that he uses in his own practice.  They are also available for sale.

He has also created a line of vibrational remedies called “Homeopathic Crystal Water” (or HCW) remedies that allow you to work with subtle energies that can’t be captured with traditional flower essence techniques.  A major thrust of this work is an extensive collection of remedies for working with important astrological influences such as eclipses in order to lessen their negative effects and promote your own spiritual growth.  The most popular item in the HCW line, called “Chakra Cocktail”, is an excellent tool for enhancing your vibrational sensitivity.

Details of all these vibrational remedies are on my web site.


“The Daily Koz”, my monthly astrolgical newsletter

Since 1988, I’ve published a monthly newsletter explaining upcoming astrological influences and how to cope with them.  Geared towards readers with some background in astrology already, this material provides insight into working with the energies affecting our daily lives.  By subscription only. 

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